Know-how of Competivity according to M. Porter



  • Structural Analysis
  • Intensity. Strategy. Industry Definition.

  • Generic Strategies
  • Differentiation. Cost Leadership. Focus. Stuck in the Middle.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Components. Profile. Forecasting. Intelligence System.

  • Market Signals
  • Types. History. Distraction.

  • Moves
  • Instability. Commitment. Focal Points. Information and Secrecy.

  • Buyers and Suppliers
  • Buyer. Purchasing Strategy.

  • Analisys within Industries
  • Dimensions. Groups. Profitability. Formulation. Strategic Group Map.

  • Industry Evolution
  • Basic Conceps. Evolutionary Processes. Key Relationships

  • Fragmented Industries
  • Overcoming. Coping. Traps. Formulating Strategy.

  • Emerging Industries
  • Environment. Problems. Eary and Late Markets. Choices. Forecasting. Entering.

  • Transistion to Maturity
  • Change During Transition. Strategic Implications. Pitfalls. organizational Implications. The General Manager.

  • Declining Industries
  • Structural Determants. Alternatives. Choosing a Strategy. Pitfalls. Preparing.

  • Global Industries
  • Sources and Impediments. Evolution. Competition. Strategic Alternatives. Trends.

  • Vertical Integration
  • Strategic Benefits and Costs. Forward Integration. Backward Integration. Long-Term Contracts. Illusions.

  • Capacity Expansion
  • Elements of Decision. Overbuilding Capacity. Preemptive Strategies

  • Entry into New Business
  • Internal Development. Acquisition. Sequenced.

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